Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Uniform Maintenance

Uniforms are supplied by Branch and are loaned to the Cadets free of charge. Should part of the uniform get lost, parents will be charged for the replacement of the item.

Uniforms are issued to Cadets after 3 consecutive training nights.  If a uniform part no longer fits please see the Supply Officer to have the item exchanged for one that does fit.  If you are unsure of how to wear a uniform part please talk to one of the senior Cadets or Officers.

Uniforms must be worn at all Navy League events unless otherwise specified (such as sports nights or weekend trips).

Cadets should wear their Corps ball cap to all events whether in uniform or not.

White tops issued to the Cadets should only be worn for inspections and parades – Cadets will be informed when white tops are required.

The uniforms are to be returned once a Cadet releases from the Corps.

Cadets are encouraged to wear their uniforms to non Navy League events (such as school Remembrance Day Parades) as a show of pride in themselves, their Corps, and their uniform. Cadets wishing to do this must have permission from the Commanding Officer first.

Your White Top is made of white vinyl. It is easily cleaned with a damp cloth and a little detergent/white soap. If you have a persistent stain, try a small amount of cleaner like Ajax, Comet, or detergent. 
  • The White Top is to be worn at the width of one finger above the eyebrow. The front cap seam is centered directly over the nose with the bow over the left ear. The chin stay must be sewn to the cap at the correct length (do NOT cut).
  • White Tops are only to be worn for Inspections, and special parades.
Your ball cap is made of cotton and should be spot cleaned as needed.
  • Cadets are to wear their ball caps on sports nights, and regular training nights.
Your lanyard is made of white cotton, and is easily cleaned with a bar of hand soap and warm water. Let it drip dry over a clothes line or towel rack. Wash ONLY when it appears discoloured. 
  • The lanyard shall be worn around the neck, under the epaulets. The knot at the second button, looped at the fourth with the end tucked into the left breast pocket.
Your shirt is made of dark blue cotton, and is machine washable. The rank slip-ons on your shirt MUST be removed for washing. When your shirt is dry iron it but DO NOT put any creases on the sleeves. 
  • The shirt is always worn tucked into the trousers with only the topmost button undone. If an undershirt is worn, it must be white.
Your belt is made of white nylon with a brass buckle. To clean your belt use a small amount of cleaner like Ajax, Comet, or detergent.  Use a clean cotton cloth to buff the brass belt buckle to remove any marks.
  • The belt is to be buckled at the center, brass on brass adjusted to the correct length.  Do NOT cut the belt.
Your trousers are made of a black polyester/cotton blend and are machine washable. Ensure that your trousers are pressed weekly with an iron. Your trousers are to be pressed inside-out and the legs ironed from seam to seam with NO CENTRE CREASE
  • Trousers are to be hemmed without cutting the material.
  • The front of the cuff should be between the first and second laces.
Your boots are to be polished to a high shine every week prior to parade time. 
  • The boots are to be laced straight across.
  • The boots are to be polished with black Kiwi polish using a Kiwi cloth.
Your jackets are should be spot washed if there are any places that become soiled.  
  • Jackets are only to be worn for official Cadet functions.

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