Saturday, January 20, 2018

Parade Night Routine

Each training night follows a standard training night routine.  Parents are asked to ensure that their Cadet is on arrives no earlier that 1745, and no later that 1755.  If you are going to be late please ensure that you call ahead to let the Divisional Officer know.  Parents are required to come into the ship and sign their Cadet in each time they drop off or pick up their Cadet.  We ask that all parents come into the ship for Announcements and Sunset at 2005hrs.  This will ensure that you are aware of upcoming events, and to also see your Cadet on parade.

1740 Duty Officer and NCOs Arrive
1750 Cadets Arrive
1800 Ships Company Mustered for: Attendance and Inspection
1825 Ship's Company Fall in for Colours
1830 Colours
1835 Dismiss for Training Classes
1840 1st Period Begins
Stand Easy
1935 2nd Period Begins
2010 Fall in For Evening Quarters
2015 Announcements and Sunset
2030 Dismissed

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