Saturday, January 20, 2018


In this section you will find useful information that will help you keep up to date with what is going on at Cadets on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

The Parade Night Routine lists the timings for a regular Cadet night.

The Weekly Letter Home will be a digital copy of the digital copy of the weekly handout that is given out at the end of every Cadet night.  This is a great place to look if you missed a Cadet night or misplaced your copy.

In the Monthly Routine Orders you will get an overview of what is in store in next month.  Here you will find important information such as the rig of the day, duty party members, upcoming events, inspection and sports night dates for the coming month, etc..

The Calendar will give you an overview of the entire training year.  It can sometimes to tough to predict everything in advance so it is subject to change.  Please check back often for updates.

In the News section you will find all the news releases and articles released over the training year.
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