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History of The Navy League

The Navy League of Canada was established in 1895 to promote an interest in Maritime Affairs generally throughout Canada. As a part of this mandate we launched our first youth program, the Boy's Naval Brigade, in 1917. The original goal of our youth program was to encourage young men to enter the Royal Canadian Navy or other seafaring careers. However the youth programs soon developed a much broader scope and evolved into modern Cadet programs with a focus on leadership and citizenship.

Today, The Navy League of Canada has a presence in over 230 Canadian communities. Our youth programs benefit 15,000 young Canadians every year, and we continue to grow. The modern Navy League focuses on three key programs: Navy League Cadets, Royal Canadian Sea Cadets and Maritime Affairs.

Our National President
Maritime and naval representation

About Navy League Cadets (for youth 9-12)

The Navy League Cadet Program provides young Canadians the opportunity to develop important life-skills in a dynamic, challenging and fun learning environment. This nautically themed program prepares young Canadians to become active, responsible members of their communities by developing key values and skills.

* Values - good citizenship, patriotism, self-discipline, healthy living, self-respect and respect for others
* Skills - water-safety, first aid, communications, ropework, orienteering, leadership and teamwork
* Activities - camping, sailing and boating, sports, drill, fancy ropework, trips

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